Brand Journeys That Will Inspire Your Story

The beginning of every brand journey is full of unknowns and excitement. But let's make a secret that brand cruises have something in common. Every journey starts with a spark. It is you who started this spark in your story! Because behind successful brands, there are unique, strong, fearless founders of brands who always stand behind their brand from beginning to end, believing in innovative ideas.

We know how challenging it can be to go on a new journey and try to succeed in the unknown. But don't forget Label Up with 30 years of experience, he is always with you on your brand journey!

We thought that browsing the stories of successful brands and dreaming about the future of your own brand might inspire you. For this reason, we have compiled for you the stories of brands that will inspire you and have managed to become one of the giants of the sector by making successful moves in the brand journey from the past to the present.


'' The New God ''Giorgio Armani


Let's look at how Giorgio Armani, who is called the “New God “ in the fashion world, has turned the Armani brand with his own surname into a global giant.

Born in Piacenza, one of the towns in the northern region of Italy, Giorgio enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Milan after studying at Cronin's High School. Giorgio, whose greatest passion is photography, could never focus on completing his major in pharmacy. When he joined the army in 1957, his career in pharmacy ended before it started.

The year 1960 is a turning point for Giorgio Armani, who expanded his fashion and design horizons by joining Nino Cerruti, one of the most famous fashion houses in Italy. As soon as she thinks that she has completed her mission at the fashion house, she starts her own company in no time and is one step closer to her dreams.

Giorgio, the name of the designs with unusually bold lines in the fashion sector, has started to raise the value of the Armani brand with its original designs every day since its inception. The inevitable end is coming, and after the 1990s, he is the name that leads the industry as a fashion emperor.


Kenzo Takada, the Japanese Fashionista who Conquered Paris


Kenzo Takada, the founder of the Kenzo brand, which combines fashion with art and clearly reveals the emphasis on art, also took the first step in the foundation of his brand when he left Japan and came to France in 1964.

Kenzo Takada, who managed to attract the attention of the fashion sector in France, the heart of fashion, managed to become one of the well-known designers thanks to the modern approach that he added to kimono from Japanese traditional clothes by using Far Eastern breezes in his unique designs at fashion shows in Paris.

Showing the perfect harmony of modern lines and cultural clothing understanding, Kenzo continues to sign original designs as a continuation of a fashion house established in Paris in 1970.

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