Printed Tags

Printed labels are a label model preferred by many brands. As LabelUp, we provide production by using UV, Flexo and Silkscreen printing techniques. Our models are shaped according to the needs of our customers. We have created areas on our website so that you can make your own unique label designs in different sizes. So you can design your printed labels in your dream here.

Printed label prices vary depending on the size of the product and the material to be used (cotton, polyester, nylon, tyvek, satin, etc.). As a leading and experienced Textile Accessories manufacturer, we provide the best service to the world's most famous American brands with our office in the USA. Printed label models are also called care instruction labels on clothes. It is generally put in the inside of textile products. It provides specific information such as under which conditions the clothes should be washed.

Printed tags for clothing

Printed labels for clothing give information to the person. Under which conditions can this garment be washed? What size range is it in? Or process cannot be made? Printed labels are needed to answer all questions. Brands that want to market their product in the best way add printed labels for clothing to their products. These labels are generally sewn into the inner armpit of the garments. Thus, it is invisible from the outside and the washing instructions can be viewed easily when desired.

According to your demands, we produce printed labels on cotton, polyester, nylon, tyvek and satin materials by using UV, Flexo and Silkscreen printing techniques with 5 colors on the front and 2 colors on the back. We deliver the products to you as soon as possible by cargo. If you have requests for printed labels such as printed tags with strings, printed swing tags, you can contact us. Vertical, horizontal and square size printed labels are ready for your customization! As LabelUp, we support you to highlight your brand in the best possible way.