Maintenance Symbols and their Meanings

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Part 2

Professional Washing/Dry-Cleaning Symbols

Circles are icons that symbolize the dry cleaning method for products. Things can get a little complicated when letters and lines are included in circle symbols. No need to worry, as soon as you see the circle symbol, sending your product to a professional dry cleaning service will be the safest choice. In this way, you can save yourself the hassle of understanding and interpreting complex symbols.

But if you are still wondering about these complex symbols and their meaning, here are the dry cleaning symbols and their meaning!

Ø  The empty circle means that dry cleaning can be done, while an X sign in the circle means that dry-cleaning cannot be done.

Ø  The symbol A in the circle used for dry cleaning represents products that can be dry-cleaned with all solvents. The lines below the circle refer to the level of dry-cleaning.

Ø  The symbol P in the circle used for dry-cleaning indicates that all dry cleaning chemicals can be used, except trichloroethylene. The lines at the bottom of the same symbol indicate sensitive dry-cleaning.

Ø  The symbol F in the circle used for dry-cleaning indicates that dry applications can be performed using pure alcohol and RI13. The lines at the bottom of the symbol indicate sensitive dry-cleaning.

Ironing Symbols


Let’s continue with the simplest of maintenance symbols: Ironing symbols. Making sense of ironing symbols is quite an effortless task. If you see an iron on the maintenance label, it means that you have no reason not to remove crinkles.

Ø  The number of points inside the iron symbol indicates the temperature required for the product. Single point is used for delicate products that require low heat, two points are used for synthetic products that require medium heat, and three points are used for cotton and linen products that require high temperature.

Ø  The cross symbol on the iron symbol indicates that the products are not suitable for ironing, while the X sign on the steam outlet indicates that steam should not be used in the ironing process.

Complicated, right?

If the symbols and meanings of frequently used maintenance instructions are still too complex for you, it is best to consult your mother, because mothers always know what to do about it. Ok, you’re right, with this post, the symbols and meanings of maintenance instructions are no longer so difficult. Being able to make things easier for you is our greatest happiness. J

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