Leather and Jacron Labels

They’re the Coolest Members in the Label World

We want to share a fact with you. Leather and jacron labels are the coolest members of the label world. We’re not the only ones saying that, think about it! You’re wearing your white T-shirt and your favorite cool jean on a sunny spring day. What’s the point of spring if you don’t wear your denim jacket? You feel comfortable, stylish and cool in it, don’t you? Let’s get back to the point: What’s the label of your favorite cool jean and jacket? Let us say it before you do: Leather or jacron labels, yes, they’re there. The coolest in the label world! 

Where can they be used?

Leather labels are a type of label created by applying printing techniques on artificial leather, jacron or imitation leather. Leather labels, usually used in accessories or external groups, are a type of label that is also used as a brand label in handcrafted products. They are often preferred since these labels deform less than cardboard and woven labels. They can be used in all product groups such as jackets, coats, canvas bags or hats, while these labels are widely used in jeans or jean jackets. 

Jacron VS Leather

Jacron is a paper material with leather appearance. It resists industrial washes, passes needle detectors and does not wear out. It is a great option for custom label printing with the ability to adapt to many details. Jacron labels can also be used in products made with denim, linen and similar fabrics, such as leather labels. It is the indispensable product of especially the world of jeans.

Another of the many features of jacron labels is that they are environmentally-friendly. Jacron, the school’s coolest kid, is also a vegan-friendly ingredient and is considered a viable alternative to many leather-based products. 

Cool Labels, Cool Products

Being used on products as accessories at recent times, leather labels and jacron labels are one of the important elements that make the brand stand out, especially in the clothing sector. For jacron and leather labels, which are the leading custom labels for clothing, the desired pattern and logo can be applied on jacron paper or leather.

Leather and jacron labels with different printing techniques can be prepared using burning, seersucker, gilding, silk screen and laser engraving techniques. From multiple printing techniques, you can choose the best option for your brand image and product, and make the design you want easily and quickly. How? With 30 years of experience and professional touch, we are here to help your brand look great. We sincerely want to say that we make the step of designing labels for you easy and fun. Our platform will allow you to create your label design easily, while helping you to meet and free your inner designer! Introducing cool products to the coolest members of the label world will burst us with happiness!