Shirt Labels

Shirt labels contain important information about quality, care instructions, fabric type and place of manufacture offered by the manufacturer. In this blog writing, we will cover shirt label models and the importance of this product in brand marketing activities.

Shirt labels are one of the important elements to consider when choosing a product. The information on the labels gives an idea about important details such as the quality of the shirt, how to care, the type of fabric, the place of production. For this reason, those who want to choose a quality shirt get needed information by reading the instruction on the labels. In fact, clothing labels are a powerful PR product that give an opportunity to market the items and provide the consumer with information about them.

Information on shirt labels

The information on shirt labels includes important details which provided by the manufacturer. The following titles are such details that are usually found on shirt labels…

1. Fabric Type

The type of fabric that the shirts are made gives an important idea about the quality of the shirt. The type of fabric is evaluated for the durability, comfort and quality of the shirt. The potential audience wants to know the fabric type of the product before making a purchase decision.

2. Dimension

Shirt labels also include the size of the shirt. Size is an important factor in determining if the shirt fits the person's size.

3. Washing Instructions

Shirt labels contain information about how to wash. Thus, users know which degree and under which conditions the product should be cleaned. Clothes that are not washed in suitable conditions deform in a short time. Of course, the shirt label product you choose should also be good quality. The writing on it must not be erased with the washing process and must offer practical use to the target audience.

4. Country of origin

Shirt labels contain information about the country or place where the shirt was manufactured. This information gives an idea of the quality of the shirt.

5. Brand Information

Shirt labels contain information about the brand of the shirt. Brand information directly affects a person's purchase demand.

Shirt Tag Models

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