Woven Label Types and LabelUp Quality

Woven labels are among the label types that brands prefer highly. They attract attention with their durable structure. You need to pay attention to the label material in order to promote your products and always present them to the consumer in high quality. Because the labels provide personal information such as product logo and size scale etc. When the parts which contain these informations are deformed by any washing or cleaning process, the consumer may be disturbed.


While making a choice between woven label types, you should be careful that these labels are in a position that will not disturb the person during use. At the same time, you can make your brand stand out by getting professional support about design and colors. As Labelup, we produce woven labels up to 5 simultaneous colors. Our website has been developed to create your own unique design. You can create your own design by clicking the woven labels category. You can order your customized labels using label templates of different sizes.

Woven label printing

All LabelUp products are wash-proof. You can bring your creativity to the fore while creating a design for your brand. Our professional team will guide you for your woven label printing needs. In order for your brand to stand out, it is very important to combine the best suitable woven label sizes with the right design.We produce Taffeta, Damask and a range of high quality woven labels using recycled yarns with our air jet looms. We care about nature and the environment. We present production with state of the art machinery for companies that wish to protect their brand image and prove their product quality.

Woven label companies

If you are looking for a woven label companies which will be able to offer special solutions for your company, you can contact us. At LabelUp, you are the creator! How many products do you want in which color and model? The answer to all questions and the process management belong to you. You can create your design on our website and place an order by entering the quantity information. Here you can create unique labels and can easily design labels that will make you recognized as you grow your brand. We are pleased to offer you the best quality products with our 30 years of industry experience. Stay in follow our blog for woven label types and more!