Fabric Labels

Fabric labels are small labels that provide information about the type and properties of fabric a product contains. These labels must contain certain information in accordance with the legal requirements of the country where the product is manufactured. In this writing, you can get more information about fabric labels, learn about the different types, their importance, and how to make your choices.

Fabric labels provide information about the type of fabric, content, place of manufacture, washing instructions, dimensions and other properties. By law, many countries have been required to include this information on labels. Breaking these legal requirements can lead to negative results.

Types of fabric labels

Fabric labels are generally preferred in printing type. Printed labels are produced by printing onto fabric, and transfer labels are applied to fabric by heat. Choosing the right label directly affects the quality and sales of your product. You need to consider many factors such as the cost, quality and design of the labels. Because labels provide you to present the product to the consumer. When you combine the right information with the right design, the results will be excellent. Fabric labels inform you about type of fabric, its quality, care instructions, manufacturer's information and much more.

Printed fabric labels

Printed labels are a type of label that is subsequently printed on the fabric. Such labels are easily fixed during production and do not cause any confusion. It's perfect for printed labels, multi-colored logos and graphics, and the color options for printing are endless.

Printed labels are mostly preferred for sportswear, special clothing, t-shirts and hats. You can browse the categories to review fabric labels and all other product types.