Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are such products which give brand or size information about clothes. It is attached to the product with woven labels and allow you to provide information to your customers about the pattern or other features of the product. At the present time, how you market the goods is as important as the quality of the products you produce. For a good marketing goal, you should give the consumer the most accurate information about the product. At the same time, your label must not disturb the people. In this way, your brand's clothes are exhibited in the best way and repurchase is targeted with your quality.


Almost all of the clothes used in daily life have clothing label. Woven labels are sewed to the neck of the shirts, the chest of the sweaters or to many different areas. Brands in the textile industry use their products for advertising and promotional activities. Because the person who use the product may create the best marketing activity. Woven clothing label is not damaged by washing or any processing. Not easily deformed. So it can be used for a long time.


Personalized clothing labels

Are you creating a new brand? Do you produce customized products? Then personalized clothing labels will allow you to promote your brand in the best possible way. LabelUp helps you create your own clothing labels with unique designs. Dimensions and all other details are on the woven label page. You can customize your design on this page. We send your products to all over the world by courier without the limit of quantity. We are a company that has been in the sector for many years and have been making production with the latest technology machines. If you are looking for clothing label manufacturers, you can contact with our team.

Clothing Tags

The fact that a product is produced from quality labels represents the image of the brand. For this reason, the model of the label is as important as the fabric of the product. Using the right label on the right product also affects sales rates. At the same time, the label needs to be fixed to the best spot on the garment and provide comfort to the wearer. Labels that fade over time, whose texts become unreadable or break off, create negative thoughts in the eyes of the consumer. In order to always offer the best and not compromise from the quality, you can also get support from LabelUp in the selection of clothing labels. You can find our certificates and our company's activities for sustainability  by clicking on the page in the upper right corner.

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