Custom Woven Label Design

You can contact the Labelup team to create a custom woven label design and accentuate your product with your brand colours. Woven labels are used in many industries, most notably the textile industry. Quality yarns increase the value of the product. Companies that want to grow their brand and improve their prestige provide the best information to their users using different models such as cotton woven labels. Labels should not fade or deteriorate since they contain details such as size information, brand logo, washing instructions. Labelup create and produce labels on air jet looms.

Today, changing marketing standards and diversifying brand activities have increased the demand for labels.  All accessories that help a product to stand out among others directly affect sales figures so they are considered as key elements. All label designs have an effect on purchase decisions. Detailed information including size, brand, instruction for use, washing instructions plays a role in the decision making mechanism of people and help them to evaluate products. Therefore your label's colour, design, text fonts and sizes should be legible and eye-catching.

Woven label design

Every brand creates unique custom woven label designs and integrates them into their products. You can talk with our team about custom woven labels for your company and your products. We produce labels in 5 colours. We provide all kinds of folding, hot cutting and laser cutting services with our state of the art technology equipment. If you want to create a solution for fast woven labels, you can create your product in a short time on our website. 

We offer shipping services for your finished labels. Our expert team uses recycled yarns to produce high quality and environmentally friendly labels.

Woven label manufacturers

For custom woven label manufacturers; we can help you to offer solutions specific to your company in minimum time. You can contact us to protect your brand value, to bring out functional properties of your product and to use durable woven labels. We provide durable woven products to improve your quality with our experienced designers and our state of the art printing machines.