Meet your Inner Designer!

Chapter 2

Designing Your Logo and Labels is Easier Than You Think

You Have A Great Logo! Why Not also Design the Label of Your Brand?

Can’t stop the designer in you? You are right, we should have warned you from the beginning, it was completely out of our minds. J Now that your logo is ready for the brand that you know best, we should think about the next step. That’s right, you found it! Brand labels.

You have created a product that you are proud of, you have created the brand of your dreams. If you have successfully completed the logo design stage, which is one of the most important steps for your brand, now it is time to design labels that will attract the attention of your customers.

Brand labels do a lot of great things under their small appearance. It is possible to say that there are many types of labels for different sectors and different products. For example, if your brand is a clothing brand, it means that your product needs many different labels. You can design all the labels here. Let’s say you have a denim jacket brand and you want to use a Jacron or leather label for it. Or you need the must-have body size labels or washing instruction labels for the clothing sectors. Perhaps you want to design collar tags with unique design, where your logo will also be found. Where can you find all this and much more? Yes, the correct answer is Label Up!

With our professional touch and 30 years of experience, we are here to help your brand look great.

So, let’s talk about how to design brand labels. The answer is very simple: Quick and Easy!

1.       Step: Choose the type and size of the label you need and start designing!

2.       Step: Make any additions to your design using the categories in the upper left corner of the design page.

3.       Step: Complete your design by making the necessary adjustments from the options on the right side of the design page.

4.       Step: Click on the buy button and get to the payment page. That’s how quick and easy it is to design your own label!

Comeand start designing now!