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30mm x 10mm Straight Cut

30mm x 10mm Straight Cut
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When you produce a high quality product it’s lso very important to maintain it. This maintaining is generally informed to the consumers by the Printed labels. Also Printed labels are mandatory requirement of your product in some markets because They act as a user guide for your products, can also be used as brand labels. 

Therefore there are very important regulations fort his type that we fully fullfill such as

• The text has to be readable after many washing processes. The high quality inks we use also resistant to dry cleaning and regular many washings so we also support your products to be safe for a much longer time by letting your consumers to maintain it.

• To be sure of our quality, Our printed label's dye's are being tested every year because our labels are used in most famous baby wear companies in Europe.

Materials that we are able to produce: 

• Satin and 

• Nylon material

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